2016/2017 Fundraising feels great


Getting together with friends, family and neighbours or taking on a personal challenge is a great way to support ellbeing connect services plus we think it feels great too.

The only limit on what you do is your imagination. You could take part in one of our organised events such as

--street fund raising

---park fund raising

---create your own event to raise money for us

---door to door fun raising

---you can raise money in a shopping mall

---church fund raising

---sale some food and cofee to raise fund for us

---think of some thing and let us know.

Sponsorship opportunities


Sponsor wellbeing connect services and show your organisation cares about mental health.


The benefits of sponsorship............


Companies find that sponsoring our work provides an excellent range of business benefits, including:


•Enhanced corporate image and customer awareness


•Brand exposure to new and shared audiences


•Corporate hospitality and networking opportunities


.Having your company logo scared in all our product and materials.

Wellbeing connect that is formally known as ebony peoples association profile is growing at amazing rate.

We moved up to 2 in 5 stars rating in enfield and harringay.

More and more people are recognising the importance and relevance of mental health and more and more organisations want to publicly demonstrate their support.

Our recognition awards are so many.


Come on board to sponsor the us and be part of the real story, recognising the outstanding work of those who have given a voice to people with mental health problems.


You'll be associating your organisation with one of the most highly respected events in the media industry calendar which attracts considerable celebrity support and offers excellent corporate hospitality opportunities.